Sentence patterning concept in copywriting.
As a human being, we tend to write or say things in different length of
By the different length of sentences I mean to say that we use 'different length
of sentences in the paragraphs".
Sometimes we use 2 sentences in one paragraph, sometimes we use 4 sentences in a
paragraph and sometimes we use only 1 line of the sentence.
For eg:- My this post is a live example of it.
I am using different lengths of
sentences in a particular paragraph.
What's the psychology behind it?
This type of sentences "mimic the natural flow of writing or saying things".
It also breaks the monotony of using the same length of sentences in all
paragraphs because,
People tend to start losing their attention when they read "the same length of
sentences in all paragraphs" which in result leads to "syndrome of reading
fatigue ness.
Use variations of sentence length in your paragraphs so that your prospects keep
reading your ad copy, sales letter, landing page, email copy.
Credit:- " Tony Flores", a great copywriter.

Originally posted by Saurav Sinha on Facebook