Sameer - An undergrad from NIT Rourkela, is looking to get an MBA.

He never considered getting an MBA outside India (honestly, he did not think it
was feasible).

So what happened next? He kept pushing to score high on CAT (Obviously, he went
to the most famous coaching center). Does it for 2-3 years with the hope that
things will work improve (Sameer essentially was re-living his JEE days with
some salary).

What did Sameer do in those 2 - 3 years?
1. He didn't look at alternatives. Because he was worried about cost (he was
worried without even knowing the total cost)
2. He didn't find meaning in what he was doing. And still continued.
3. He did not do anything outside of work & CAT preparation.

If you see Sameer in yourself and all of a sudden decide to take GMAT, it won't
Even if you score 750 on GMAT and have a perfect 10/10 GPA in undergrad, it
doesn't work.

Don't waste 2-3 years on CAT. I don't mean you to STOP preparing but do
something else as well.

Make sure you improve your profile as well. Improving your profile takes time,
effort, and focus. Don't ignore this aspect and the M7, INSEAD, and LBS wonโ€™t
ignore you!

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Posted by Pavan Sathiraju on LinkedIn