It isn't something you do. It just happens when you're true.

I saw many webinars, tips or advice end up with sales requests, on social media.

I agree, we all are here for professional growth, but people are smart enough to identify your only sales intention.

Take a different path. Be true with your audience. Show them you understand them, you care and you're genuinely willing to help them.

If you want to give value, add the emotion.
If you want to entertain them, just spread the positivity.
Just help them with making a decision.

Humans are emotionally biased when it comes to decision making. Because, it's something they want to feel good about.

So, how to turn this process into an experience?

Value + Entertainment
Story + Value + Entertainment
Your Expertise + Story + Value + Entertainment

Level up the content consuming experience. People's taste changes really quick these days.

What do you think?