Sachin Bansal sold his stake of just 5.5% for a whopping figure of $1 billion
when Walmart acquired Flipkart!

Walmart's acquisition of Flipkart had generated one of the largest pools of
wealth for employees in India’s corporate history!

However, the journey hasn't been as glorifying as it looks like.

A few years ago, Flipkart was melting down.

Flipkart's #valuation was slipped manifold!

•2015: $15.2 billion
•2016: $5.54 billion

But the Walmart deal valued the company at nearly $21 billion!!

A windfall for every #shareholder, including even a peon who had an ESOP at

Binny's partial sale of #stake brought him $104 million.

Today, his 4.24% stake in the company is valued at $881 million!!

Tiger Global, which invested $1 billion, exited with a whopping 3x return at
$3.3 billion.

This was one of the largest investment #returns in India’s private equity and
venture capital history.

Another major investor, Softbank fetched $4.4 billion after investing $2.5
A 1.5x return in just 9 months!

There were many investors and employees who filled in their pockets with this
massive deal.

Which other deal do you think generated such returns, recently?

Posted by Radhika Bajoria on LinkedIn