Rules and regulations are literally everywhere in the business world and they could present some useful and interesting information. You could give the students questions like:

  • What rules and regulations exist at your job?
  • What happens if you break any of these rules?
  • How do you feel about the regulations at your job?
  • Why do you think rules and regulations exist?
  • Have you ever had any problems with rules and regulations?


So there you have it, a vast list of various topics that are great for business English students.

Although it’s preferable (and likely) that your students already have jobs to answer these questions but since these topics are so relatable and general, it shouldn’t be a problem to start off the classes with some simple questions on such topics.

You could even choose the topics in accordance to the current business news and mix the questions up a bit. The best piece of advice is to make it relatable, relevant and remarkable this way the students have something to say and never lose interest