According to my mentor Dan Kennedy, only 2% succeeded in any industry, and he told me why.

And gave an example -

He says that if you want to get really good at writing copy, you've got to write copy.

But you can't write copy yet because, firstly, you're no good at it, and nobody's going to let you do it.

You start to get good by rewriting good copy. That's what you do, because you get it better if you do it, not if you study it.

So you should take 100 really good ads and take the time to rewrite them with your hand.

Then you should build your swipe file by taking the 100 greatest headlines and writing each one on a file card so you can sort it and all that.

And he told this to 10,000, 15,000 people and only five did this.

Most people don't invest in mastering a highly valuable skill; then, they can't become known for it because they haven't learned it. But it's a great piece of leverage.

You need to spend those 10,000 hours on Mastering a Highly Valuable Skill and Master Position yourself.

Mastery and Master Positioning is where all the money is, but most don't do it.