Royal Enfield has immense customer love in #India. Remember the movie Sholay
with Amitabh and Dharmendra on a Royal Enfield? But in 2000, the company went
through a crisis period where sales dwindled to 1/3 of production capacity as
they faced issues ranging from oil leakages to engine failures.

The company achieved a remarkable turnaround by following these 3 key

1. Get the basics right: Listen to customers, test the product and #design the
bikes for superior performance
2. Hire for passion: Enfield hired both locally and globally to assemble a
diverse team of new leaders who were not only experienced but also were
passionate about preserving the brand name
3. Unconventional marketing: Instead of spending on TV #advertisingandmarketing,
Enfield devoted capital to creating fan-clubs & organising product-experience
trips to long-distance destinations

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