Whenever a user is having any issue related to your product, he visits your website for contacting you. And you are using that old contact form on your Contact Us page :(

Being a consumer, contacting a company through those forms looks old and it’s a quiet time taking process. For smoother and faster customer support, just say hello to RingBlaze.

With RingBlaze, look professional and manage calls flawlessly as a team!

What is RingBlaze?

RingBlaze is a customer support collaboration tool that lets you manage call activities, add notes, assign calls to the right team and supercharge your tasks.

RingBlaze Details:

Tool NameRingBlaze
CategoryCustomer Support Tool
FoundersDennis Vu, Linda Tezverikova, Liem Do
Official WebsiteRingBlaze.com
Best forSmall Businesses or Agencies

RingBlaze Features

   1) Call Collaboration

RingBlaze provides you a shared dashboard that allows interactive and dynamic conversation with the customer. Irrespective of the physical location, RingBlaze brings the entire team along on the same page so that everyone can participate in resolving the customer issue.

Each call has an  ‘owner’ or ‘leader’ which ensures a clear and smooth conversation from both the ends.

   2) Real-Time Customer Interaction

Whenever the customer is having any query, he has to contact the technical department through email and this process is quite time-taking and the issue can’t be resolved properly.

But, RingBlaze allows your customer meanwhile he can browse the website. So, RingBlae gives a fair chance to convert casual visitors into leads.

   3) Connects You Globally

There are no physical boundary barriers for RingBlaze as it allows you to connect with your customers from any corner of the world with a strong connection. You don’t have to worry about poor connections or missed calls. 

RingBlaze provides you reports which can provide a smart analysis of the work your team is doing

   4) No Hard Workout for Your Customer

The amazing feature of this amazing tool is that your customers need not to do anything extra. Customers can dial the number through the embedded widget only. Even, they need not leave your page.

   5) Easy Setup

The last but not the least feature of RingBlaze is that you don’t have to d anything for setting up RingBlaze. Just embed a single widget on any webpage and let the magic happen!

The entire process of setting up takes a maximum of 5 minutes. Plus, zero technical knowledge is required for setting and running it up.


AppSumo: 5 /5 stars

SaasPirate 7.5 / 10 stars

Based on the reviews, given by all the users, here are our reviews of RingBlaze:

Overall Quality: 4 stars

Ease of Use: 5 stars

Features & Functionality: 4stars

Customer Support: 3 stars

Value for Money: 4 stars

Ease of Setup 5 stars


Normal PricingAppSumo Pricing
19$ for 1 month49$ for LifeTime

CLICK HERE and Grab RingBlaze for LifeTime in just 49$!

Final Conclusion

Those normal contact forms are out of fashion now. Now, people want that they should get the solution to the problem quickly. So, RingBlaze is the best tool for this as it allows you to interact with your customers, meanwhile, customers can browse your website. Further, RingBlaze does not put any restriction with respect to physical borders. Your customer can connect to you from any corner of the world.

Talking about pricing plans, this tool gives our free trial for one month. And for the lifetime purchase, you can have this tool in just 49$. Therefore, this tool is a must for small scale businesses and agencies.