Short sized bullets that hit you hard, make you rethink and rework.

Sharing a few bullets from the book that have pushed me to think. There are a
lot more.

Rework for Leaders/management:

- Culture in a company is a byproduct of 'consistent behavior'. If you encourage
people to speak and share, openess becomes a culture. If you reward trust,
trustworthiness becomes a part of the culture.

- Trust your employees, give them the independence they need. How people spend
their time doesn't matter as much as the delivery and quality is met.

- Send people home at 5: Encourage people to make a better use of their time
instead of telling them to work longer hours.You want your employees to have a
life outside of work.

-Don't scar on the first cut: Don't create a policy because one person did
something wrong.

Rework for employees:

-Say 'no' by default - It is easy to say yes, yes to new idea, new feature, yes
to overly optimistic deadline. These 'Yes' will pile up and you will be all over
the place. Prioritize and focus.

-Don't write it down:
Do not have an excel to track what customers want.Requests that really matter
will keep repeating over and over. If it is not in your memory, it is not

Read the book for more.
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