Reviewing our internal report, I see that we have turned down more than 40 new
qualified inbound leads in the last two months. Qualified means the requirements
were what Coditas could deliver based on our expertise and skillset.

We turned them down because of various reasons like clients needing the software
before our estimated timelines, client requests unreasonable from our
perspective, lack of mutual respect, low client budget, etc.

We prefer to say no faster. It saves time. We try our best to be polite, but
many leads find the ‘early no’ rude.

We now have a sales team, and they too find it difficult to say no. From their
former roles, they have been accustomed to engage a lead and say no slowly or,
in many cases, never say no!

From experience, there are engagements that I term as a net negative. There
might be an on-paper monetary profit, but it will come at the cost of
distracting you; move your energy away from better opportunities — a net
opportunity cost loss.

It is usually better to wait a little longer for better and matching
opportunities, especially if you can afford to.

Learning from negative client experiences and making better choices is one of
the most valuable lessons.

We have learned, saying no to opportunities might also be the right way.

Posted by Mitul Bid on LinkedIn