Research, research, RESEARCH

It’s one thing to know research is important for B2B SaaS, but it’s another
thing to know how to incorporate it into client acquisition.

As a result of the lengthy buying cycle and layers of decision making B2B
entails, SaaS startups have to speak convincingly and compellingly about their
clients’ specialized needs.

With cold outreach, a lack of specialization destroys ROI.

To develop a well-positioned statement, you need to capture the perspectives of
clients, prospects and employees through in depth research/surveys/interviews.

With this information, you will have a better sense of what the majority of your
potential clients need when creating your messages.

When you run outbound campaigns, targeting tens of thousands of people, you want
to make the pitch as seemingly tailored-made as possible without missing the
mark on what the potential client actually wants.


Through research, you find out CTOs want to accelerate their tech team's
performance so they can get promoted and increase their salary. Hiring more team
members is their only avenue.


"...we actually help CTOs accelerate their tech team's output & get promoted
ASAP without hiring more team members

You've got to LIGHT THEM UP when they read it

Posted by Joe Petruzzi on Facebook