“Emails that include questions are 50% more likely to get a reply compared to those that don’t have any questions.”

Everyone knows that two-way interaction is more fruitful than a one-way interaction. It’s quite annoying to keep receiving the emails that are written in a bad copy and consumer regards them as spam!

A good email copy must generate curiosity in the reader’s mind. For that, it must contain some questions for the reader that he has to answer in the reply.

So, you are in need of Good email copies for marketing to acquire more customers?

Then meet ReplyButton!

What is ReplyButton?

ReplyButton is an email outreach tool that lets you insert a reply button, survey, and polls in your sales emails.

ReplyButton Details:


Tool NameReplyButton
launch DateMarch 15, 2018
FoundersMuzzafer Selimbeyoglu, Bercan Ozcan
ReplyButton Contacthello@replybutton.com

Features of ReplyButton 

There are tons of features that make ReplyButton the best email marketing tool in the industry. The following points clearly describe why you must use ReplyButton over other email outreach tools:

  1. ReplyButton gives you power to embed any form, survey or poll in your email.
  2. ReplyButton gives you a special power to add GIF in your sales emails.
  3. The ‘Smart Automated Reply’  feature provides users reply buttons based on their previous replies.

Benefits of Reply Button

Increase Your Sales

With ReplyButton, you can easily ask personalized questions and insert a reply-buttons in your cold emails. The ‘Smart Automated-Reply’ Feature gives your customers the facility to answer those questions in a single tap. And all the options are generated according to the user’s previous responses. 

Receive More Feedback

When you want your customers to fill a survey, you need to redirect them to a different webpage from your email. And that is a bad practice tool!

With ReplyButton, you can insert a survey form in your email body providing a very smooth user experience to your customers.

Increase Your Productivity

Now you don’t need tens of emails to learn others’ availability. 

Ask your colleagues or customers’ or potential candidate availability by adding a poll or reply buttons to your emails. So, you can choose a specific time that fits their schedule with 1-click.


Measure attendee satisfaction easily with embedding surveys to your email. Ask them whether the event was informative and whether they would like to attend the events again. Let them reply without leaving the email and increase your reply rates.

Setting Up ReplyButton

Below are the steps that will help you to setup ReplyButton easily:

Step 1. Add your SMTP info when you create a campaign (this part was confusing for me because it's not under "settings", which is where I always go first. It's actually under campaign)

Step 2. Upload or manually enter your list (max 300)

Step 3. Create email -> there are 3 options for a recipient to click on: wow I’m interested, kinda interested, not interested

Step 4. Set up responses to the buttons that are clicked and choose the timing between the recipient clicking and choose some other options (this part is my favorite because you segment your list based upon their answers)

Step 5. I may be leaving out a little bit of info here but there aren't that many settings. Create the email, create the responses, send the email. Done.”   

ReplyButton Competitors

  1. MailChimp
  2. Good Email Copy
  3. Ugly Email
  4. Lemlist
  5. Polymail Teams

While all the above tools are in the market for a long time, but the Reply Button beats them all in terms of Cost and Features.


Below are the reviews given by some popular sites:

AppSumo - 4.5 stars

TrustPilot- 3.7 stars

Here are our reviews based on product testing, feedbacks collected (online and others).

Usefulness - 3 stars

Ease to Setup -  3 stars

User Interface - 3 Stars

Customer Support - 4 stars


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There is no specific recipe to get more replies, but using a good email template increases the probability to get more replies. So, ReplyButton is a must tool to use for email marketing.

There are tons of email outreach tools in the market, but ReplyButton wins the race as it is the only tool that provides the ‘Smart Automated Reply’ feature. A special feature to add GIF makes ReplyButton unique in the market. Further, in terms of cost, ReplyButton overheads, as it is available in 49$ for LifeTime. Therefore, use ReplyButton to get more replies than ever!