📝 Remote Hiring and Onboarding CHECKLIST for Your Startup

A negative onboarding experience results in new hires being 2x more likely to
look for other opportunities.

And losing a new hire is expensive, with the average U.S. employer spending
~$4000 and 24 days to hire a new employee. (Digitate)

Hiring and onboarding remotely can be even more challenging, which is why I put
together a checklist for U.S. startups to:

➡️ Streamline the onboarding process.
➡️ Ensure all necessary HR paperwork is sent, completed, and compliant.
➡️ Help new hires seamlessly integrate into their new role.
➡️ Save recruiting expenses by increasing the chance of retaining new hires.

No matter where your employees are working from —
Use this short and sweet checklist to make sure they are fully onboarded and
there to stay!

👇 Just drop a comment and I’ll send you the editable checklist ASAP! 👇

Credit: Zenefits

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Posted by Anastasiya Tomchenko on LinkedIn
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