The default method is to simply print some/anything and get the local distributors to insert it in the newspaper.


When I opened the newspaper this morning, I stumbled on a Rs.2,000 note! After the initial few seconds of surprise, I realized that it is not a real note. That led me to open the note and then I realized that someone has really thought-through the tactic rather well.


The note is not set to the actual size of a Rs.2,000 note, but given the multitude of colorful and multi-sized new notes we are dealing with these days (it's a pain to organize them in a wallet, given the discomforting sizes), that doesn't matter.


The best part is that someone took the decision to insert them folded, to get that first, shocked attention from the reader! That's enough to make you pick it up and open it. A job creatively planned and perfectly executed, though, in terms of copy, there's no context for why Rs.2,000. Even the monthly fee is Rs.918. Looks like the Rs.2,000 is simply used as an attention-seeking gimmick; at that level, it sure worked.