Recently did a teardown of Noom's sales sequence cause it's insane.

You know how we're always being told and thinking that shorter paths to sign up
are better cause they...

- Have less friction

- Grab user details faster

- Get the person into the tool so they can "see the value"

Noom obviously hasn't heard of any of these cause from home page to payment page
takes *over 65 steps*.

Which is crazy.

After looking into it and breaking it down, I think it's genius.

They've gone to great lengths to make the questionnaire engaging, fun, and easy
to complete.

Not just by making each step a simple button click, but by using a cadence I've
not seen anywhere else.

Noom operate, generally, on a 2-1 or 3-1 cadence.

That's 2 questions about you, followed by 1 "motivational" page to keep you
interested, engaged, and entertained.

They do this for 65+ pages and it never really feels like a chore.

Guess it goes to show that ease + entertainment > speed.

Here's a quick image on what we noticed when analysing this.

Posted by Pete Boyle on Facebook