You started a very important conversation about a business deal. But, after closing the deal, somehow you forget to send a follow-up email. And, after getting no follow-up email, the other side party canceled the deal and you faced a big loss :(

Wait! You can easily break this nightmare :)

Meet! The best email outreach tool, Rebump

Make Email Outreach Easy
Make Email Outreach Easy

What is Rebump?

Rebump is an email outreach tool that automates the process of sending up the follow-up email.

Rebump Detail:

Tool NameRebump
CategoryEmail Outreach Tool
Free Trial30 days 
Works withGmail/Gsuite
Best ForSalespeople/ Email outreach team
Rebump official Website

Rebump Features:

Automate our work

Rebump allows you to set a reply to any email. A reply will be sent automatically as soon as the email arrives. Also, it allows you to send the email until any reply comes from the other party. Just set the number of emails to send and the time interval between them and see te magic!

Customize you Rebump

You can easily send personalized emails to the other parties. So extra human touch can be easily added in your automated emails.

Keep Track of everything

The dashboard of Rebump gives you entire information about all your bumps. You can easily check the status of your bumps to all your clients. Check whether the bump is opened, just delivered, or it is canceled. And one more treat to you, you can easily set alerts accordingly.

Easy to Install

Just install a small plugin in your browser and set rebump in your Gmail account. And you are all set to get started with rebump!

Benefits of Rebump

No More Missed Opportunities

Now with Rebump, you can’t disappoint others and every time a follow-up email will be sent to other parties so that you can’t miss an opportunity.

Manage, Track and Analyze

In rebump, easily keep on an eye on all the emails you have sent to your clients. You can easily monitor the progress of each email and see who has still not replied.

Rebump Your emails

Simply click on the Rebump checkbox on emails that you'd like us to send follow-up emails for you.


Below are the reviews given by some popular sites:

AppSumo - 5 stars

TrustPilot- 3.7 stars

Here are our reviews based on product testing, feedbacks collected (online and others).

Usefulness - 3 stars

Ease to Setup -  5 stars

User Interface - 3 Stars

Customer Support - 4 stars

Pricing Comparison

Normal PricingOffer Price
12$/ month49$ for lifetime

Click Here (Just Pay 49$ and use Rebump for LifeTime)

What’s in the deal?

  • Unlimited Messages
  • Automatic Follow-up Emails (Bumps)
  • Customizable Bump Messages
  • Customizable Bump Intervals
  • Specify Bump Days and Times
  • Works With Most Email Clients
  • Activity Digest Emails
  • Integrates With Your Existing CRM
  • Alternate Email Address
  • Up to 10 Bumps Per Message
  • Track If Bump Was Opened/Read
  • Personalized Bumps
  • Multiple Bump Sequences
  • Chrome Extension
  • Free Transfer to Different Email Address