Reasons Why Your Employees Are Not Using Your Healthcare Plan

If you find that your employees are not using the employee healthcare plan provided by you, it may be because of these key issues in the employee healthcare plan.

1) Your Healthcare Plan Does Not Cover Family
Most Indians want their healthcare plan to extend to their families as well. Most young professionals have elderly parents who need healthcare plan. Therefore, providing healthcare plan for your employees but not for their families does not work in India.

Young professionals often want healthcare more for their parents and family than for themselves. Any healthcare plan in India will have to take into consideration families. Therefore, you need to choose a healthcare provider who offers the best possible employee healthcare benefits to your team members and their families.

2) Your Healthcare Plan Is Not Customized For Your Employees
Different startups and businesses have different kinds of employees for different jobs. Most of these workers will have different healthcare needs.

Older employees may need benefits for pre-existing conditions, but younger workers may not. It is important to take proper employee input and provide a diverse range of employee healthcare plans. Don’t hesitate to survey your employees to ascertain their needs when selecting your healthcare plans.

3) Your Healthcare Plan Is Not Comprehensive
Most employee healthcare plans cover big hospitals and major medical stores. In contrast, most Indians rely on local medical practitioners for minor health problems and medications. Additionally, all your employees may not have access to top-tier hospitals. Healthcare costs in tier-2 and tier-3 cities also differ from costs in metro cities. If your healthcare plan does not take these differences in costs and medical infrastructure availability across employee categories, it's time to reconsider this.

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