Ranking without link building.

Every now and then the idea that you can rank without link building will do the
rounds in some SEO circles.

It is true that for some keywords you can rank with little to no links. However,
they are few and far between and you will find are extremely low competition
(and likely search volume). A lot less common than those selling their latest
on-site packages and courses will have you believe.

It seems that for the most part bad link building is to blame for this myth.
When your SEO campaigns focus on paid, easy-to-replicate links, it is true that
you might be able to rank higher without them.

Or maybe your site picks up natural powerful and relevant links. In this case
link building is still working in your favour, just without you knowing it.

This was the case for the client below who had a huge content strategy,
resulting in some great organic links over the years.

Still, once we launched our Digital PR campaigns to start earning 50x more
top-tier links and coverage, they saw the benefit within months.

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Posted by Oliver Sissons on LinkedIn
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