Rajat Gupta (first Indian-born global CEO, McKinsey & Company) was initially
rejected from Mckinsey.

Why ?

Because his inadequate work experience acted in the way as he had entered
Harvard Business School directly after IIT Delhi.

Life took a different turn as the shortlist decision that was overturned after
his #Harvard professor Walter J.Salmon called Ron Daniel, then head of the New
York office wrote on Gupta's behalf.

The point is perfect scores and grades DON'T matter beyond a point.

#Networking and #Persuasion matter.

Unfortunately these skills are not taught either in foundational schools or

Hence, we at Global Governance Initiative decided to build a quality network so
that future leaders don't take NO for an answer. They have the resilience,
skills and network to get a foldable chair when they don't get a seat at the
table !

If you'd be interested to join our GGI Impact Scholars program so that next time
you know the path post a rejection from Mckinsey, the link can be found in the
comments section.

By the way, Rajat was later mentored by same Ron Daniel during his Mckinsey days
as Mr. Gupta later took the reigns of legendary organization in his hands :)


Originally posted by Shatakshi Sharma on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/shatakshi-sharma-410