Raising funds for a social cause via powerful content is very much a

Let's consider a common scenario where someone wants to make a donation but know
nothing about the institution or non-profit.

A donor begins with online research. Before donating the amount, s/he wants to
ensure that the funds are utilized in the right way.


Have you ever wondered why people select a particular charity or institution
over the other when it comes to online donations?

Every charity is for a good cause after all!šŸ’

Decision-making follows a pattern and here are some of the steps that people

ā—¾ļø Checking online presence (website, social media) of the non-profits,
individuals, or institutions working for the cause

ā—¾ļø Reading about individuals associated with the institution or working towards
the cause.

ā—¾ļø Inquiring about their credibility - checking testimonials, reviews, etc.

ā—¾ļø Reading their Annual reports (if available)

Everything you read, view, or listen to is some form of content that helps a
donor in the decision-making process.

Hence, #CONTENT becomes critical to any organization - may it be non-profits or
any other business!

Isn't it? Let me know your thoughts on the same.

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