For those who have bought SpreadSimple, you may want to consider the following:
1. If you stack many codes into one Gmail account, be aware of your G Drive
storage space needs. Normal free account is 15 GB and most probably you
might have used up some space and have many emaisl and items in it.
2. For maximum stacking = 500 websites, so technically you will need 500 Google
sheets in G drive
3. If you decide to divide your 10 codes into 2 Gmail accounts, then you will
lose some sites. Because each 5-code stack will give you only 100 sites.
That means total 200 sites for 2 Gmail accounts.
4. So it is advisble to stack into one account in order to get mamimum number
of sites.
5. My suggestion - create a new Gmail account and use it exclusively for
SpreadSimple sites.
6. This is the best and cleanest solution. And in future if you need to sell
your account, it is possible to sell together with your Gmail account.
7. If you have already registered your codes with SS using your existing Gmail
account, you could contact them through chat support to change. I just did
that and it is only takes you and them 1 minute to change.

Originally posted by Albert Tan on Facebook
link: facebook.com/groups/217049018847694/user/553202629/