PSA for my career changers out there:

Your non-traditional background is only a disadvantage if you let it become one!

Making a pivot is all about creating a compelling, relevant narrative.

If your approach is to avoid your past, you’re never going to get anywhere.

Try this instead:

1. Think about how your experience adds unique value to this role.

Sure, they could hire another cookie cutter candidate with the same background
as everyone else on the team.

But if they take a chance on you, they diversify their ideas, problem solving,
and execution.

2. Illustrate what you’ve been doing to bridge the knowledge gap.

This is a case of show, don’t tell.

Show that you’re aware of any potential gaps.

Then show the actions you’ve been taking to improve - certifications,
freelancing, projects, etc.

I had a client who worked as a Service Delivery Manager but wanted to transition
into Web Development.

Instead of avoiding his background, he addressed it head on.

He acknowledged that his coding chops weren't as robust as his colleagues...yet.

But he had many more years of experience managing people and delivering great
products/customer experiences.

This was an opportunity for both sides to learn from each other's strengths and
diversify the team's thinking.

That’s a win-win!

Posted by Austin Belcak on LinkedIn