FACT: I love helping others, especially new copywriters.

FACT: I will not serve as your Personal Google.

FACT: If you ask questions you could have gotten answered by spending 2.5
seconds reading a Google snippet, I'll have a hard time taking you seriously as
a professional -- and chances are your clients will too.

If you're not sure what something is, don't announce it in a LinkedIn comment.
Or in Slack. Or in an email to a busy person.

>>> Google it first.

Then, if you're still unsure, ask a pointed question on the topic.

Google does NOT have the answers to everything.
(If it did, all course creators would be out of business.)

But it should be the starting point for basic questions.

>> When you do your own research first, what you're saying is:

"I respect people's time and expertise.

"I don't rely on others to give me answers I can get within seconds on my own. I
am smart and self-motivated enough to read a blog post before asking questions.
And if I still need help, I ask intelligent, thought-out questions - which most
kind people are genuinely happy to answer."



Posted by Michal Eisikowitz on LinkedIn