Yesterday I introduced the principal of Scarcity, which is one of the six principals of Persuasion By Dr. Robert Cialdini.

Many big brands are already using this principal in their marketing efforts for creating high demand for their products or services either before launch or to push the sales of a product/service not getting much traction.

Today I am going to discuss few methods by which we can implement this principal in real scenarios, they are as follows:

1. Limited Time

With this technique we can easily create a pressure of losing the deal after a certain period.

This helps in driving sales as no one want to left out on something they want.

According to research the time bound deals are the least intimidating when used alone, so keep this point in mind while using this method.

If you notice, you'll find many such time bound offers floating around internet, some offered by the leaders of their segment, because this method encourages the users to take action immediately.

2. Limited Availability

When something is less in supply the demand for it is bound to rise, this is because of the uncertainty of its future availability.

This technique is widely used by brands in creating a artificial sense of demand for a product or service by limiting the number of pieces or seats.

This way people may jump into a rat race for acquiring that product /service.

Big brands like Nintendo, Spotify,, OnePlus and many many more already used this methods successfully in the past.

3. Exclusiveness

This method is successful because everyone want to have exclusive access over something.

Either something physical or virtual, the sense of having something exclusive or very rare make us feel great in ourselves.

This is a totally different take on scarcity principal, where we try to project a choice or option as very unique, selective or special in front of users.

Businesses dealing with memberships or VIP access like structure usually prefer this method, but their is no hard and fast rule on its use.

4. High Demand

This method can be used to show something in demand and may run out of stock soon.

Be very cautious while using this technique because it has its own drawbacks.

People usually see offers like these as deceptive because of the lack of evidence or statistics associated with them.

Always try to project the whole picture while using this method, like displaying numbers of units sold, or sold in last fixed time.

For example, telling your audience that already 10k copies of a book is sold or 10k people already pre-ordered it is way better than saying the book is in high demand or lots of people are ordering it. Try avoiding vague arguments.

So, that's it for today. Tomorrow I'll give some examples of how big brands used this Scarcity Principal in their marketing efforts. Have a nice time