Primary keyword focus and page targeting is the foundation of #SEO.

I've just spent the day mapping 100s of pages to their proper keyword.

The trouble was these pages had no existing focus. They were created with
absolutely zero understanding of SEO. Which means I had no base. No impressions
for queries to work from.

So, here's how I found out the best way to map my keywords.

šŸ‘‰ Reviewed URLs at scale to understand what the page is talking about to see if
I could pick phrases or words that had organic opportunity. (Check URL string,
subheadings, body content.)

šŸ‘‰ Run those keywords through Ahrefs/SERPs to see a) what the competitors were
writing about to validate my thinking and b) to pick new phrases for on-page

šŸ‘‰ If there wasn't an exact match, I recommend a new page is built to capture
new opportunity.

Super simple. Incredibly manual. But this is going to give HUGE quick wins for
my client. I love it.

#contentmarketing #seotips

Posted by Ryan Darani - SEO Consultant on LinkedIn