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Lights and Darks

Life is like that

You have to take it on both notes.

Yes, Luck is not on parallel lines for everyone.

We have to travel our journeys ourselves.

In the sublime, we do meet friends.

Get Tied in what people call realization.

Smelled by the persuasion of love

With love, healing is core.

You never know which barrier of the rack can keep you far.

At last, it's the choices game.

The game of making a real version

In the chase, it's not as easy as anyone makes it seem.

Karma hit the people as they make the decision.

Roll them with their mind and heart

Yes, some decisions need to come with a consequence impact.

On you

Yes, Earth is gentle, as you may not agree.

No matter around you

You must go out there and leave to the fullest.

But how my LinkedIn family see it?

Posted by Sahil Prajapati on LinkedIn
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