Powerful marketing?

It starts with understanding why people (not customers) buy your product.

Any product fulfills a functional need that a person has.

But beyond the functionality, there is also a human emotional need that people
need to be satisfied.

Your copy, your messaging, and your marketing should have the right mix between
addressing the functionality and the human emotions to buy the product.

- We use Facebook to fulfill the need of connecting with others.
- We use Google to fulfill the need of removing uncertainty.
- We use Ikea to fulfill the need of fitting in with our social circles.

There are over 1,000 water brands in the US. And they all compete with the free
water you can get from a faucet.

You can buy a bottle of water for $1. Or you can spend $20 on a bottle of Voss.

Posted by Khalid Saleh on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/khalidh