Power of Selflessness

Is it possible for a person to be completely selfless?

A cynic may say no.

But, selfless actions and thoughts are possible and also does give a real sense
of happiness and satisfaction.

What do we mean by Selflessness?

Selflessness means we act without thinking about how we will profit or be

If we help others, but expect recognition or favours in return, it is not a
selfless action.

True selflessness means we would do the action, even if it was never known to
anyone else.

Selflessness means we identify with others.

Our service to others is not an act of charity but an action which is motivated
by a feeling of oneness.

We help others because we identify with their problems and their suffering.

Selflessness is its own reward.

A selfless person is one who is more concerned about the happiness and
well-being of others.

He is the one who is willing to serve another when it is neither sought for nor

He is the one who is willing to serve even those whom he or she dislikes.

A selfless person displays a willingness to sacrifice.

And a willingness to put aside personal wants, needs and feelings.

Have you ever been Selfless?

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