Power of Abundance Mindset

Imagine you are walking down the street with your friend, side by side.

You breathe in. He breathes out. He breathes in. You breathe out.

Both of you need oxygen to survive.

Would it cross your mind that there would not be enough oxygen for both of you?

Of course, not—air is abundant.

Now, imagine you guys are scuba diving and your scuba tank starts to

You signal that he needs to share the oxygen in your tank.

All of a sudden, the air becomes a precious commodity.

Its scarcity makes us worry.

What if there isn’t enough for both of you?

Many people live with a scarcity mindset – a mindset which is zero-sum.

You win, He lose.

He win, you lose.

People with this type of mindset have a hard time sharing success with other
people and are jealous of others’ success.

As you can see above, this mindset results in a win-lose attitude, where there
has to be a loss in order for there to be a win.

When you live with an abundance mindset, you definitely have a win-win attitude.

Do you actually believe in the Power of Abundance?

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