Posting about hiring is easy. Managing a recruitment funnel at an early stage
startups is hard work!

At BimaPe, our team has learned (painfully) how to manage our funnel - we get
~50+ applications per week -

1. Designate responsible persons for hiring 🙋‍♂️
- You want to split this by Engineering & Non-Engineering (maybe further into
Product, Sales, BD etc)
e.g. at BimaPe - Kunal is the RP for Engineering roles; Vishrut & Abraz are RPs
for Non-Engineering

2. Create an internal process⚙️
- We use a tracker in Notion (built by Eashan & Kunal)
At BimaPe, have a 3 step process (filter using our culture-fit assessment called
Future @ BimaPe, then a video interview & finally a competence-fit task)

3. Create a fast-track rejection framework❌
This varies by company, I use the following:
- The candidate hasn't tried the Product (trackable via your identity management
- The candidate doesn't ask questions about what the company end goal is & how
their role fits into the 'big picture'

🤷Our process is still broken - we're learning everyday - but, we still managed
to add 3 excellent folks this month - Abhinav, Vedika & Dr. Sathish

👉Understanding insurance is also a broken process; Wallet by BimaPe
( can fix this for you!

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn