Pitching new sites is hard work!

90% of my pitches are accepted (HubSpot, Moz, SEJ, CMI, etc)

Here’s my process (including my outreach template) 👇

1. Content

Most people pitch first, write second

I write first. It helps in targeting WHO I pitch

(I only pitch unique content based on my experience)

2. Websites

The site you pitch HAS to be relevant to your content

How to identify relevant sites:

- Search competitor's in Ahrefs (Referring domains)

- Find sites your audience visits with Sparktoro

- Google "Content topic" blogs + "guest post"

3. Opportunity

Has the site covered my topic recently?

Google > site:TheirWebsiteURL + “Your topic”

Select Tools > Any time > Last month

No results? Great!

4. Optimize

Optimize content before you send it - Metadata, internal links and headings

5. Pitch

Now comes the hard part - the pitch!

Luckily, I have a template (below)

(I always attach the content and graphics)

Sounds like a lot work, right?

That's because I want to make it easy for the editor

It’s why so many say YES

I've made it easy for you, too:

I’m giving away my outreach template

Want a copy?

Comment YES below and I’ll send it to you privately

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