People who don’t do well in school are mocked, made fun of, and said they will
never reach anywhere in life.

But you know what, they are better, they are stronger, they can handle more
failure than the other students and they are better at handling emotions.

I still remember when my teacher made me sit with the first ranker as if the
knowledge would fly from her head and come to mine.

Studious students are celebrated all the time and everyone makes us think they
will be someone great in the future. Usually, the smartest student tends to be
just glorious employees. And the other mediocre students, who kept failing and
experimenting becomes better at innovations. Now I am not saying this is always
the case.

I do have a personal dislike towards education institutions because of making a
child feel lesser than the other based on how quickly someone can mug up content
and spit it out on an exam paper. This skill doesn’t decide whether a person is
going to be successful in life. And yes, because of this I will keep working on
transforming the education system. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I felt.

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Originally posted by Irfana Izzath on LinkedIn