People always ask me.

Naval why we need to optimise our Upwork profile.

Understand this.

People are judgemental and they make judgments on a daily basis

And they do this within seconds of seeing something or someone

That’s why we have the phrase “First Impression is the Last Impression”

And it is very difficult to change an initially bad first impression

This is why to generate business or get a job you must have a good Upwork

Now to optimise your profile you just have to follow 3 steps

STEP 1 - Have a good headshot and cover photo

You should have a headshot with a simple and plain background and avoid using
any selfies. Please save it for fb or insta

STEP 2 - Optimise your headline

To write a good headline just tailor it according to your audience and include
how you can help them

STEP 3 - Optimise your bio

To Write A Good Bio, Write How Your Services Or Product Can Help The Problems Of
Your Prospects also give real examples of your work.

So guys it’s very important to optimise your profile before you start getting
clients on Upwork

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