🎉Partnership announcement: BimaPe x SHEROES🎉

Super excited to be working with Sairee & the SHEROES team on:
💡 Generating insurance awareness within their community
📜Helping answer insurance related questions
⚡Designing better insurance products (soon!)

💪Sheroes has a vibrant community of 22M+ members; with the recent launch of
SHEROES Money the team aspires to help the community make better financial

🤗For me, this announcement has much deeper connection:
- I've grown up in a single parent household.
- My mom did not get good guidance on purchasing insurance products when we were

Vedika (our PMM) will be leading our outreach with Sheroes!

👉In my experience, most insurance products are designed for a 'male' buyer
persona; at BimaPe - in partnership with Sheroes - I hope to bring bespoke
products to the market for other buyer personas (stay tuned - big announcement
from BimaPe here!)

❓ If you're curious to learn about BimaPe - do check out Wallet by BimaPe
(https://wallet.bimape.com/) to discover your hidden insurance benefits

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Originally posted by Rahul Mathur on LinkedIn
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