Part 2: Work with Amazon?

“Work with Amazon?”… That’s the subject line of an email I got last month…

From “A”, Amazon’s Head of Product Marketing:

The kicker?

I only published 4 blog posts this whole year.

So, how did I do it?

The answer (and strategy) is so stupidly simple you won’t believe me.

I did two things:

CONTENT: Wrote one blog post about my signature strategy for scaling a company
with content.

^ This is key. Clients need to see this to believe you actually have a
well-thought through strategy. Ultimate guides, personal opinion pieces, list
posts, etc built for organic traffic do not work as well.

MARKETING: Used two simple strategies (one free and one paid) to promote it

When I set up a time to speak with “A” I asked him:

“Which article of mine did you see that got you interested in having me help

He replied (see screenshot attached).

Can you see?

Amazon doesn't care about my “publishing frequency.”

They don't care what keywords I use in my content.

All they care about is:

“Will this strategy work for me?”

Amazon wants to scale sales of their new Kindles in 2021.

And they believe my content strategy can help them do that.

If I didn’t write about my strategy AND promote it everyday, Amazon (and all the
other leads I get daily) would never find it.

So.... it’s official:

You DO NOT need 100s of podcasts, videos or blog posts.

You DO NOT need a higher publishing velocity for SEO.

You DO NOT need to spam hundreds of Facebook groups.

You DO NOT need to be a social media celebrity.

You DO NOT need a 7-day email followup sequence.

All you need is ONE blog post to attract big ticket clients.

You can create more content if you lovvvvve creating content, but you don’t have


As you can see, what I’m doing is working RIGHT NOW.

It gets the biggest clients in the world coming to you.

(Amazon is a 12-figure company).

Now, there are two ways you can replicate my strategy in your business:

1- Study what I did and try to replicate it for yourself (or hire a content
writer and tell them “make me a post like this”.)

Normally you’d never be able to see what’s working to get client’s this big,
because big agencies do not share out of fear of being copied. I want you to
copy me and succeed (just don’t rip-off my strategy, come up with your own ok?).

2- Enroll in the Content Mavericks Greatest Hits Content program now during our
50% off Christmas sale (ending today).

Inside I have a writing template with detailed notes on how you need to write
the post for it to work (based on the Amazon post) and I walk-through how you
need to do it over video.

You will also have over-the-shoulder video walkthroughs of the free and paid
marketing methods you need to use once it’s written.

PLUS to sweeten the deal… if you buy today I’m going to add my Content Marketing
Masters program to your Xmas stocking.

This will show you how to scale using the “ski slope strategy.”

(The same strategy Amazon asked for, with examples and video walk-throughs.)

To enroll:

1- Go to contentmavericks[dot]com/content-marketing-course/

2- Scroll down and click on “Yes! Enroll Me Now”

3- Enter code XMASBUNDLE for 50% off today (18 hours left).

Getting big ticket clients coming to you is going to be A LOT easier in 2021
when you have a proven plan to follow from someone who’s actually done it (in
the last 30 days) with a 12-figure company.

Chris “F***in’ A” Von Wilpert

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