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“Asking” in the corporate world sounds like begging.
“Asking” is a universal way of expanding the business.
“Asking” helps in collective existence.
“Asking” has different forms.
Everyone from a sales executive to the CEO of a company is expected to find a
more comfortable and convenient way of “Asking”.
“Asking” the consumers to buy their products.
“Asking” the end users to use their services.
“Asking” to promote their brands.
“Asking” to give them an opportunity to serve the target audience.
“Asking” to trust them more than their competitors.
So “Asking” isn’t begging.
“Asking” is to help grow one’s business by involving others.
“Asking” for larger participation.
It’s just a way to announce one’s availability.
To work together.
If possible to grow together.
To put each other’s talent, expertise and experience to best use.
To do something productive together and make a living.
So, it’s a cycle.
So if an agency is “Asking” a client for work, it’s part of the cycle they are
part of.
One can choose to refuse to work with one and choose the right partner, but that
doesn’t mean whoever is asking first is at the mercy of other.
We all are interdependent.
It just means that the person who’s asking first has no ego and has many fellow
human beings and their families who are dependent on his dream.
So “Asking” is not trying to beg.
“Asking” is letting the other party know that they are available to help the
client using their talent and expertise, which would come at a price.
Just because you are not at the “Asking” end doesn’t mean you can hold back
payments, demand options to show the power of position, arm twist to get your
points through, or make other’s life tough while you lie back and relax.
So next time, whoever you are and whatever position you are in, if you are the
one getting such a request, don’t feel like you are a superior trying to be
approached by an inferior who’s life is at your mercy.
I hope I’m not “Asking” for too much!

Originally posted by P K Anil Kumar on Facebook
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