P: It's beyond my budget.
Majnu: We also offer a 10% discount.

(Not a great way to start a relationship, is it?)


P: It's way beyond my budget.

Uday: Apart from the budget is there anything that you're concerned about?

P: No

Uday: What are your expectations?

P: You're selling it for 15k. Best I can do is 10k.

Uday: I get it, so here's what we can do.

🎀 Value = 15000 | Budget = 10000 🎀

Why don't we go ahead, take some points out that aren't a priority for you rn,
until Value and Budget are balanced?

🎀 Value = 10000 | Budget = 10000 🎀

So what do you wanna take out of the product to get it to your budget?

*In terms of features*


🎄Majnu took the objection at its face value.
🎄Didn't dig deeper into the questions
🎄Have no understanding of expectations

🎅Uday had the balls to ask a difficult question
🎅Understands expectations
🎅Offered an alternate solution

Thoughts? 🤔

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