Last Marketing Platform You Will Need!

No one likes a room with all the things scattered in it. A room with all the things organized properly is an Ideal room for everyone!

Similarly, no one likes scattered data. The data must be organized so that any operation can easily be performed on that data.

 Especially, if you are a digital marketer, then you need to run different campaigns for different clients. So, all the data gets scattered at different locations. And whenever your client asks any report, you have to spend your precious hours in that scattered data to prepare the report.

How wonderful it would be that a tool would keep the record of all your data in a single place.

Yes! It is possible with an incredible tool, Oviond

What is Oviond?

Oviond is a tool for digital marketers that lets you store all the data in a single place and organizes it into useful insights and reports. 

Oviond Details:

Tool NameOviond
CategoryMarketing Tool
Device SupportedWeb-Based Devices
Free TrialAvailable
Official WebsiteOviond.com
Oviond Social MediaFacebook || LinkedIn || Twitter
The last marketing platform you will ever need! 

Features of Oviond

All Your Data in a Single Place

Oviond combines all your data in a single place. You don’t need to have multiple accounts for saving data of multiple clients. It merges your clients, integrations, dashboards, and client reporting in a single click. A search bar is provided to the user so that the user just needs to type for whatever he is searching for in his data.

Multiple Client Management

While running a digital marketing agency, you need to deal with several clients at the same time. Then, you might be thinking that you would need multiple accounts for managing several clients. No, in Oviond you just need a single account to manage several campaigns of several clients.

Automated Reports

With Oviond, generate automated reports for your client. Just you need to select the data and choose the integrated platforms. And let Oviond do the rest of the work, it will automatically generate the report and so, it saves your time and efforts too. Even, you can select whether you need the report Weekly, Monthly or Annually in the future.

Powerful Customization

Oviond gives you full power to the customization. It allows you to add a logo, choose the color palette for each dashboard. It allows you to select which integration you need on which dashboard.

There are ready-made templates available for you to speed up the customization process.


The Instant Sharing option makes Oviond unique in the market. You can easily share the Automatic Generated reports with your clients in just a single tap.

Oviond Competitors

Oviond vs Monday.com

While comparing both the products, the Oviond beats Monday in the price range. But the number of features is almost equal in both the products. Both the product supports Web-based Devices.

Oviond vs Tableau

Again, the Oviond is beating its competitor in the price range as it can be purchased for lifetime in just 49$. Further, the tableau does not provide its user widgets while Oviond gives you several widgets to work on data.

Oviond vs Zoho Analytics

Both the products are head to head with each other in the race as they both provide the same number of features. But, somewhere Oviond is ahead of Zoho. Oviond gives user an option to generate the final scorecard while there is no such feature in Zoho.

Oviond is completely online and so you don’t have to download anything while Zoho is an offline software that you have to download in your local storage.


AppSumo: 4 /5 stars

Below are the reviews of Oviond, based on the overall reviews given by users across the internet:

Overall Quality: 4 Stars

Ease of Use: 3 Stars

Features & Functionality: 4 Stars

Customer Support: 3 stars

Value for Money: 5 stars

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Since there are only one or two products in the market that serves the purpose of collecting the data and generating the reports for Digital Marketers. So, Oviond stands unique in the market.

It helps a digital marketer a lot as you don’t need need to worry about generating the client’s report. The price ( 49$ ) is quite reasonable and cheap too.

The main feature for which one should buy it is multiple client management. This feature allows you to manage multiple client’s data at the same time using a single account only, Therefore, this product is the best fit for all those digital-Marketer which handles multiple clients at the same time