Our learnings from Stoa School's Cohort 1 -

TL;DR - Culture is the secret sauce of a CBC.

The best thing about CBCs is the COMMUNITY. With peer-led learning , people find
a way to reach out and help each other. However, it does not happen
automatically & the cohort sherpa has to almost manufacture serendipity. This
involves building culture & setting expectations - we have been incredibly
fortunate to have Shelton do this day in & day out and now Nicaia bringing her
energy to the game.

Of course, people tend to evaluate Stoa or any other program purely on the basis
of curriculum, the instructors & the career support - which is totally fair -
but not sufficient.

This unseen work is also the reason CBCs come with a premium - it takes a lot of
sweat and tears to make it work.

The worst thing about CBCs is also the COMMUNITY - especially as the course
designer. You don't know half the learning journey happening naturally - e.g., I
was surprised to know that there is a Stoa Women's Club. Trying to measure this
and control this (which I tried earlier) is USELESS. Let people have fun. Treat
them like adults and they will make the reasonable decisions for themselves.
Stand by to help and have a conversation - but also don't stress too much.

More on this tomorrow.

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