Our content team is on fire, as this competitor is fighting back!

We've created an article for one of our clients - a 6300 words article, on a
topic related to education, aimed at a keyword with 3600 searches/month.

It was a listicle content, where we've created a comprehensive list of 600

Previously, the number one spot was taken by a competitor, with a list of 400

(note: the "competitor" is not a competitor of the business itself, but rather a
competitor for this specific keyword)

Our assumption was, that if we create a better quality, more comprehensive
article, we'll outrank them easily.

No surprise, within 3 weeks after putting the article live, our post of 600
"target_keyword_here" went straight to number one, outranking the well
established article of the competitor.

This morning we have noticed that they retaliated, and have created an even more
thorough list of 1400 "target_keyword_here".

Our client is still number one, but it will probably be outranked by the more
thorough article of the "competitor".

We're already fighting back, and will start creating an updated version, with a
list of 2000 "target_keyword_here".

The war game is on! 😎

Posted by Fery Kaszoni on LinkedIn
link: linkedin.com/in/ferenczkaszoni