Open letter to the lucky ones in 2020.

While we are on the verge of closure of 2020 and the new year setting in, here
is something that we should think and maybe set some thought to it.

We might have been lucky in 2020 and we should owe it to the all mighty or the
folks who have helped in in swimming through the tough times but let us take out
a moment and dedicate our progress also to the ones who were not so lucky.

Businesses shut down, small businesses and startups we're hit badly...but hey
what goes down does come up.

The best thing you can perhaps do is to maybe try pulling some of these folks up
in 2021 in whatever ways possible and try changing maybe one life that way.

If you try hard, trust me it won't cost you a dime .

The thing is all about trying....Try helping folks as much as you can by maybe
taking out just 5 minutes if you can.

You might just change one life.

From my family to yours, a merry Christmas and I wish, hope and pray for
success, happiness and a lot of love to the ones who were not so lucky to cheer
them up as the best is yet to come.

Hugs and Wishes.

Ravi Kikan

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