Only 4% of 4500 #edtech startups in India have managed to acquire funding from
investors & are managing to stay ahead in the race. Around 25% of them have shut
down and a huge chunk of them are still struggling to survive in the industry.
Even after this on-going situation, every other day a new entrepreneur is filing
a new edtech startup. Why?

Why the engaging rate of #entrepreneurs & investors is high when it comes to
edtech? Is there any particular reason? However, it can’t be ignored how
education technology is changing, improving, replacing, & sometimes even
supplementing traditional education for students & teachers.

Edtech has the potential to change the entire #education (teaching & learning)
process if it is used in the right direction. The problem is, edtech In India
isn’t being used the way it should be. Instead of running blindly, we need to
know & explore the strength of edtech.

It is evident that the Edtech industry is not as nascent as it was in the
previous years and the conditions for innovative #startups to capture newer
opportunities and grow are massive. It is estimated that the global expenditure
in education technology will reach $341bn by 2025.

The coming years will see a boom in edtech as people are adapting to the newer
way of #learning.


Posted by Amrit chaubey on LinkedIn