One tip I learned last night from my wife, that I'm going to adjust to the SaaS

My wife just started a new job as a registered nurse in a hospital and this is
what she told me:

"When we prepare the patients to go into their surgery, I make sure they know
all the steps in advance, nothing should come to them as a surprise. If there is
a shot they need to get or something they have to drink, they will know it all.

This way, they co-operate better, ready to move forward with any step, and they
are not scared of 'what's next' ".

If we apply this to SaaS, landing pages or even digital agencies, it basically
means that you need to let your users know what to anticipate. If they will know
what to expect, they will co-operate and get onboard better.

If your landing page/website/email says they can do X in 3 steps, make sure it
is actually 3 steps. If it says they don't need coding skills, credit card, or
that the process takes 5 minutes - be sure it is really like that. If it needs
to involve some advanced steps or a demo or anything like that, mention it, even
though it doesn't seem like the best marketing idea. It will build trust with
your customers, they will be willing to finish what they started, and they won't
be frustrated when they go into a step they didn't know about.

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Posted by Tomer Aharon on Facebook