One piece of content gets 11,000 visits monthly.

Yet, Google reports only 140 searches per month. How?

In fact, since launching, it’s generated 360,000 visits.

I’ve seen this play out time and time again.

You have a keyword in mind, run it through an SEO tool and it shows 0 search
volume. So, you go back to the drawing board and find a new keyword.

(Back to my example above)

Google shows 140 monthly searches

It’s the same result for other keyword tools, too.

- Ahrefs shows 100 monthly searches
- SEMrush shows N/A (really?)
- Wordtracker shows 68 monthly searches
- Wordstream shows 20 monthly searches

Every single keyword tool reports the same thing.

Low search volume.

They're wrong.

If my SEO and content strategy was entirely based on using search volume to
create new content, then I'd be wrong, too.

There would be so much content I'd never create.

Content that IS important

Content that IS searched for

Sometimes, you have to trust your gut and create content you feel is right.
Regardless of what the tools say.

Whether it's based on conversations with customers, feedback from sales teams or
low competition in the SERPs.

So, that piece of content you're thinking about creating?

Create it!

It could land you 1000’s of visits per month.


Originally posted by Steven Macdonald on LinkedIn