One of the most under-used (and underrated) content strategies I've seen is to
merge content.

Here's an example:

A client I work with had 3 pieces of content on the same topic.

- 3 ways to do X
- 8 ways X can help you do Y
- 5 surprising tips for X

It was a pain to update each post every year and then promote them individually.

One year, we decided to merge the content together into a single post (15 ways
to do X) and redirected the old pages to the new one.

The idea behind this was a) to have only one resource for that topic and b) save
time by only updating 1 piece, not 3.

Amazingly, this change led to a 37% increase in page visits and a #1 ranking for
our targeted keyword.

I've repeated this process several times since on multiple topics and on
average, merged content generates a 30% increase in visits.

#contentstrategy #b2bmarketing