One of the most common queries I receive is related to the CV format, best
practices, and the elements that need to be incorporated in a CV.

While there is no standard CV format that is applicable across India, I believe
that having a simple bulleted format, covering 1–2 pages works best.

The CV should ideally cover the following: Education, Academic achievements,
Internships/ work experience, Extra curriculars, Positions of responsibility

A few tips to make a good CV:

1. Try to use 1-line bullets to make the points more readable and crisper

2. Highlight the key words throughout the CV to bring the attention of the
reader to the right places

3. Try to bring out the impact of the projects clearly, including numbers
wherever possible

4. Ensure that you do not make any grammatical errors

A balanced CV is generally preferred by most companies, while some companies
might have more preference towards the tech. experience.

I have attached my CV as a sample, that can help while you prepare your own CVs.
It is a sample primarily for the formatting, so I have omitted the content in

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Posted by Rohan Jain on LinkedIn