One of the biggest challenges growing businesses face is

Whatsapp Broadcasting Using the App

Your business has 4-6+ Broadcast Whatsapp groups

With 256 People(Usually Prospective clients & customers) in each group

Where you're sending updates, reminders and promotions to your prospects on a
regular basis

And if the prospect doesn't have your number saved

They won't receive a message and moreover maintaining these groups is a task

Also, No analytics

Here is the way out.

You can broadcast messages to thousands of users 1:1 in one go

If your number is onboarded on the Whatsapp Business API

And it's free of Cost (with AiSensy Platform)

Further, In the AiSensy Platform you can segregate your contact lists with
various tags and attributes

and Broadcast them a message on Whatsapp Instantly

And it's all Official, No Jugad

The Whatsapp Message is sent through your business number and further you can
get that Whatsapp Green tick ✅

Moreover, you have a good track of analytics on how many users the message was
delivered, read etc.

You can simply Import your contacts and Get going!

The whole process is setup and live within 3-5 Days ( The API Approval Takes
around 2-3 Days).

Before Planning your next broadcast, Make sure you it a try!