One of my favourite quotes these days is...

If it’s not sustainable, it’s not successful.

In the past, I used to start projects, new habits, exercise routines and I would
end up quitting too early.

I realised that most of the time, none of them were sustainable.

For example, I would try and go to the gym every day or I would attempt to read
a book a month.

While these are worthwhile pursuits, they are unfortunately not sustainable for
me because it’s inevitable that I will need a break or a rest day.

Therefore, going into the new year, before I create a new habit, exercise
routine, or goal I ask myself...

Could I do keep doing this for the next 10 years?

Could I keep showing up every day for the next 5 years?

I've realised that permanent change or success comes from sustainable habits and
not bursts of intensity.

That’s why I love the quote...

If it’s not sustainable, it’s not successful.

Posted by Ryan Conlan on LinkedIn