One My keyword ranked 1st in Google's first page.
That's Awesome right?

I saw it just it when i was auditing the website for one of my client

but it managed to rank on top .

I followed a strategy, where I have researched all the keywords and the
competitors tried to emulate it in my own way. And it was approved so fast I was
happy that my efforts paid off well.

take every opportunity that comes in your way and try experimenting in that .

Here is the tip on how I used my strategy while keeping in mind while
researching the keywords for a website to rank in top.

1. Lay the Groundwork
2. Measure your ranking
3. Do Your Initial Keyword Research
4. Check Out the Competition
5. Fix Technical Issues
6. Optimize for Users & Search Engines
7. Create Eye-Catching & Engaging Titles
8. Build Valuable Inbound Links
9. Promote Your Content Strategically

Every step matters. Every research matters.

If any one who needs the guidance how to rank your keywords on google please
feel free to reach out.

proof is in the attachment below

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