"One learns to write by writing, not reading."
Thinking to become a writer?
Here's what to do:
#1. Pick a writer whose writing style you admire.
For example, I like the way Neil Patel's copy is readable. And research-packed.
#2. Start writing - and post it on either Medium or LinkedIn.
It could be both/either long-form or short-form content.
Acts as a portfolio.
#3. Take up an internship - If you're just starting out and looking for
exposure, reach out to the startups asking for an internship.
I say startups because these folks are approachable.
This builds your portfolio and network.
#4. Talk about your learnings on LinkedIn.
Be your own publicist.
LinkedIn already has an audience, so that you don't have to build it from
#5. Publish in industry magazines.
In an age where there are more self-proclaimed experts than actual ones, this
gives you an upper.
Also, your work does the talking.
Easy that it may seem, this takes years to master.
But then every journey starts with the first step.
I would love to hear how did you start your career as a content writer.
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Posted by Priyanka Desai on LinkedIn
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